10 Problems Only Empaths Have


Number 10: Opening up can be overwhelming.

When an empath spends an extended period of time with another person, they can become easily overwhelmed by the stress, worries, and emotions that the other person is feeling. For most of us, hiding our true emotions can be difficult, but most empaths can easily see what’s actually going on beneath the surface. Because of this, relationships and close friendships can be difficult, and that’s not even considering the standard issues that come with both of those scenarios. Empaths can often seem like they are on the periphery of things because of how strongly they react to emotions, and as such they can sometimes struggle to get close or open up to others. If you have an empath for a friend, patience is usually the best solution here, as it just takes them a bit more time in general.

Number 9: People don’t often take your advice.

In general, human beings aren’t always the greatest at putting ourselves in the shoes of others. This creates one of the biggest empaths’ struggles too, as they naturally pick up the tone of the people around them, and can understand their perspective or feelings as well as they do their own. If you are an empath and feel like you aren’t always getting through to your friends, it may be that you simply understand the situation a little better than your friend. Not feeling like you are getting through to your friends when you give them advice can be annoying too, though, so it may be better to switch up your approach. Empaths tend to try and connect emotionally, but many people prefer to discuss practical solutions instead and deal with the emotional fallout later.

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