10 Reasons Narcissists Hate You


Number 8: They are looked down on because of you.

 Do you think that you can tolerate disrespectfulness because of any other person? Of course not. In fact, no one can bear this situation, but narcissists simply can’t accept this feeling. Narcissism is a personality disorder that can’t be handled easily. So if a person looks down on them just because of your popularity, narcissists can’t endure it. They will feel insecure and try to put you down.

Things can take a dangerous turn in this way and narcissists will do anything to win back that admiration and popularity. They can harm you both psychologically and physically unless they get back their limelight. Simply speaking, narcissists are self-oriented people who can’t bear anyone more popular or successful than them. They always feel better after putting others down.

Number 7: You are happier without them.

Your happiness is simply a challenge to narcissists. They can’t let you be happy with or without them. This is really unexpected but it is a fact. The reason behind it is that true happiness comes from within, and narcissists lack all those emotions. The only way they can think of becoming happy is by managing their fragile egos and so-called self-esteem. Watching you cheerful without them means they are not more important in your life and that’s the major trigger of their antagonism toward you.

Narcissists think that you are not capable of what you possess and they are the actual person who deserves all this. But when you leave them and they can’t keep themselves beside you, they start hating you. Now you are no longer available to them, you can live your life without them, and on top of that, you are happy without them. All these factors simply trigger narcissists to dislike you. They want you to feel their absence and if you don’t, this is against their narcissistic supply which means limitless demand for attention, admiration, and importance.

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