10 Secrets Narcissists Keep from You

10 Secrets the Narcissists Keep from You


Human beings, on a global scale, have intricate emotions and feelings. Some people feel more than others, some are skilled at hiding how they feel or cope with life challenges or successes, and some simply cannot function in a way that we need or expect them to.

“A narcissist doesn’t care how he makes you feel as long as he provokes an emotion from you it makes him feel superior and powerful. But one day you will look at him and feel nothing.” — Iva Ursano

Narcissists are difficult to manage. They are masters of not only manipulation and control, but also of keeping secrets. They will go to great lengths to conceal who they truly are and what is going on in their lives for no one to discover their true feelings or intentions. What are these secrets, and why are they kept hidden?

 Here are 10 secrets that narcissists keep from anyone, not a secret anymore because we will reveal them to you.

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