10 Signs A Narcissist Is DONE With You… Finally You’re Free


Number 1: They will become distant.

 Narcissists will make you feel like you’re the most important person as the relationship starts to flourish. This is because they need to keep you around as a source of supply, so they’ll try to make you believe that they genuinely care about you and are invested in your life. Once you’ve invested in them, they’ll start pulling away and acting like the relationship is no longer a priority.

 The first sign that a narcissist is done with you is that they will become distant. They will slowly stop spending time with you or answering your texts or calls. When they hang out with you, it’ll be brief and awkward, like they’re just tolerating it for now so that they don’t lose all of their sources of Supply at once. If this happens to you, know that it will probably end soon.

 Number 2: They will ignore everything you say.

 One of the signs a narcissist is done with you is that they will ignore everything you say. They might just disappear and stop responding to your emails and texts. They’ll ignore you in public too, so If you try talking to or saying something to them, they’ll pretend that they don’t hear you or ignore it altogether.

Narcissists will pretend they didn’t hear what you said or repeat something back to you that has nothing to do with what you said. Suppose they start tuning out all of your concerns and ideas, in that case, it’s usually because they don’t want to spend more energy on you than necessary.

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