10 Signs A Narcissist Is DONE With You… Finally You’re Free


 Number 3: They will be more irritated with you.

 Narcissists are often very happy and satisfied with the relationship until they aren’t. Suddenly, they feel like their needs are not being met and they start to get frustrated with you. They may also accuse you of wrong things or make unreasonable demands. This signifies that they are done with their relationship but don’t want to end it because they still need something from you.

 Seeing your narcissist becoming more irritated with you can signify that they’re ready to move on. This can also suggest their boredom with a relationship but this irritation is usually more intense and directed at you. They might start to feel like they are wasting their time with you and want to find someone who’ll be more appreciative of them. You may find yourself being treated poorly and in a degrading manner.

 Number 4: They will devalue and criticize everything you do.

 Narcissists see the world in black and white… There is no Nuance, no gray area. If you disappoint them in any way, they will make sure you know it. They will also ensure that you know how much better they are in every way possible. When they are done with you, narcissists will devalue and criticize everything you do… You are either perfect or worthless.

 Narcissists will constantly put you down, undermine your efforts, and criticize you. They will continuously nitpick at everything you say, do, and wear to put you down and make themselves feel better. They will say things like: “You’re too fat”, “you’re ugly”, or “no guy would ever want you”. Narcissists do this because they want to ensure that there’s no way for you to feel good about yourself or be successful so that they can feel Superior to you.

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 Number 5: They will make themselves inaccessible to you.

 If you’ve ever been the victim of a narcissist, you know how much they love to play with your emotions and make you feel special. But once they’re done with you, they will make themselves inaccessible to you. They may not be able to be around you for reasons utterly unrelated to you. They might have a new job that keeps them busy or a new hobby that requires attention.

 You’ll notice that they suddenly become harder to reach and will often give excuses for why they can’t see you. As the relationship progresses and you become more emotionally invested, The Narcissist will begin to pull away from you… they don’t need you anymore and they don’t want to be tied down by your emotional needs for them. This is because they have other options available to them.

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