10 Things That The Narcissist Wants From You


 Number 1: Give them ammunition.

 Narcissists always want to feel superior in everything they do and they always want to have the upper hand in everything they’re involved in. So the narcissist wants you to always bend to their will so that they can manipulate you at all times. They want you to always reveal everything about yourself so that they’ll always have something to use against you, especially when you’re vulnerable or in need. That way, you always feed them with as much information as possible, without them giving you any information about themselves.

 Number 2: Protect their image.

 The Narcissist doesn’t joke with his image. His image is more important than anything else… they lie a lot, and whatever it is that they tell you, they always want you to believe them. And indirectly, that’ll help build their self-confidence and image. The narcissist works tirelessly to build his fake image, and if you try to go against him or tell him that he is fake, it gets really angry. At all times, the narcissist wants you to be compassionate towards them and never question what he says.

 Number 3: They want to know everything.

The narcissist always tries to put other people on the defensive by asking question after question. He’ll always want to point an accusing finger at someone, and while doing this, he might know deep down that you’re innocent, but he just wants you to suffer and struggle to explain yourself continuously so that you can use the same opportunity to tell him everything he wants to know through the entire process of explaining yourself. But the funny part is, no matter how you explain yourself, he doesn’t even listen and will never accept, but this is just another trick. All he really cares about is winning and promoting himself and not listening or communicating.

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