10 Tips to Co-Parenting With a Narcissist (Safely)


Number 8: Limit contact with narcissists when talking to them.

When it comes to narcissists’ thinking, they see themselves as superior to everyone else. Limit your personal engagement with them as much as possible by communicating with them through messaging applications and emails rather than interacting with them personally. Narcissists thrive on the responses they get from others, whether positive or negative. Establishing limits enables you to minimize your ex’s power to enrage you.

 For instance, you may propose that you converse only by text or email. This way, you’ll have time to reply to requests and other messages that come your way. Additionally, it assists you with documentation. These limits may also apply to your ex’s partner. Consider establishing precise times for your ex to phone and talk with your child during visitations if your court-ordered arrangement permits. Additionally, stick to your guns. While the narcissist may first resist having limits established, you will discover that they are vital and helpful over time.

Number 7: Set boundaries and keep them.

Another component of co-parenting with a narcissist is establishing and enforcing limits as necessary. Any remarks made regarding your parenting abilities or other personal assaults should be disregarded. When communicating with your ex, be succinct, knowledgeable, courteous, and firm, and never confess to making a mistake.

 Establish boundaries around your house; do not let your ex in, as they will bring their venom! Teach and model for your children both social and emotional intelligence. Encourage their uniqueness and freedom.

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