10 Warning Signs You’re Dealing With An Evil Person


 1. They are in constant denial of the world around them.

 A strong attribute of evil people is that they tend to deny the reality that’s staring them in the face. There are people who love that everything should be going just the way they plan or want. They go to length to make sure this happens. And they refuse to accept things as they really are, as they’re so lost in their heads trying to create their own world in the midst of the glaring reality.

 It doesn’t matter how much you try to prove the reality to them, they’ll remain unshaken in their own beliefs. Despite the fact that their twisted reality is wrong on all levels, you’re going to lose out if you get into an argument with them because they will go all out to prove you’re wrong.

 2. They do not say how things are.

 When they are talking about things or are in arguments, they twist turn and sugarcoat existing facts just to make them look like they are the better or superior ones. It doesn’t matter what’s at stake, they can go as low as possible to prove their points and score cheap points with no care for the originality of the facts they’re toying with. Whatever it takes for them to be the better person in the story, they’re willing to do as long as the twisted facts they come up with corroborate their stories.

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