10 Ways to Make Narcissists Lose Their Minds


 Number 3: Calling out the narcissist’s narcissistic behavior in public.

 Narcissists have incredibly towering egos. However, the higher the narcissist’s egos are, the more fragile and vulnerable it becomes. Calling out their narcissistic behavior breaks a narcissist’s ego. It humiliates them internally, especially if one does it in public. Even when one intends to do it as a constructive act, narcissists perceive such actions as a threat to the ego they have protected so much. Calling out their narcissistic behavior makes them wary of the flaws and weaknesses they tried so hard to conceal. As a result, this will cause them to experience an internal maelstrom of emotions.

 Number 4: Set limits and strictly follow them.

 Narcissists have so many tactics to break through the limits people may set on them. They believe that they are entitled to other people’s time and possessions. In turn, their entitlement made them think that they have the right and it is okay for them to unapologetically crash through people’s limits. Thus, setting boundaries and adhering to them confuses narcissists. It crushes their sense of entitlement, especially if one prevents narcissists from violating their limits. Narcissists do not recognize the wrong being done if they crash through people’s limits, so they cannot seem to fathom why people are setting consequential limits against them.

 Number 5: Ignore the narcissist.

 Ignoring narcissists means starving them of the attention and validation they mostly crave. Narcissists feed on other people’s attention and validation, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Positive attention keeps them high, and negative intention is still attention. For narcissists, indifference is a greater issue than hatred. Being hated and disliked is preferable for them as compared to being ignored.

Narcissists needed regular approval and validation from others to sustain and protect their worth. Although they may display an exaggerated sense of self-importance, narcissists do not feel significant unless they are the center of attention or other people’s validation goes to them. The lack of attention and validation from others means misery for them.

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