14 Types of Men You Need to Avoid


Number 14: The man who thinks that he is better than his ex.

 If a man can only say negative things about the lady he dated or his baby mama, he sure is the dramatic type. He is masking his own mistakes by discrediting other people’s feelings.

In a relationship, one person is never completely guilty while the other is completely innocent. If that’s how he puts it, he’ll make it a big deal if the two of you don’t work out. It could also mean that he is controlling and will always want you to do things his way.

Number 13: The man who sends mixed signals.

Have you heard of a man who’s inconsistently great? You have effortless conversations and he’s such a gentleman when he’s around. Inconsistent partners put you through a loop of frustration. They always come back around the time when you’ve decided to move on.

A man who doesn’t pursue you consistently doesn’t care about you. If he texts you professing his love for you but won’t give you a call or take you out on a date, he’s keeping you close only when it’s convenient for him. He’ll cancel plans as soon as he makes them. Most of these men are dating multiple ladies.

Number 12: The man who opens up too much about himself on a first date.

The essence of going out is to get to know each other. When doing that, the man mostly and intentionally discloses the things that didn’t work out for him, that’s a tip-off. It’s a sign of a man who blames external factors for how he turned out and never takes responsibility for his actions. He could also be leaning into your empathy and nurturing nature to keep you in his corner. That is controlling and manipulative and is meant to throw you off balance emotionally.

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