14 Types of Men You Need to Avoid


Number 11: The man who comes on too strong.

Have you met a man with bold statements of love even before you get to know him? It can seem romantic and scary at the same time. Ladies do appreciate direct and communicative men. However, if the man has excessively bold gestures too early in the relationship, that’s a sign of a narcissist or a clingy man.

It’s all romantic at first when he’s all over your space until you realize that you can’t have anything of your own. The nurturer in a woman does not mind losing herself to the man. Noticing such signs earlier on in the relationship will insulate you from such extremes even with a narcissist.

Number 10: The man who prefers to go with the flow.

There are circumstances where going with the flow works perfectly. In a relationship, the chances that the odds are against you are very high. A man needs to figure out what he wants. If he suggests that you go with the flow, then take caution and don’t be romantically involved with him.

Accepting the lack of clarity and direction allows him to string you along. Once he feels he can do that, then he erases the possibility of actually committing to you. He doesn’t want to feel responsible or tied down and that will soon tire you out. It’s better to let him be transparent and clear with his intentions for you.

Number 9: When you’re in his company, you’re compelled to be someone you’re not.

Do you constantly feel the need to be a certain way to impress him? If this wasn’t happening in any of your previous relationships, then most likely the man is projecting his picture of his ideal woman onto you.

In most cases, men lean into your desire to be there for them to suggest how you can do that. This is not entirely wrong except when his intention is to reshape your whole world, including the people you interact with. A good man should be able to embrace your world even as he improves it.

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