3 Reasons Why Narcissists Have So Much Hate


1. They Want To Be You.

The first reason is that they want to be you. Yes, Narcissists are very envious creatures. Apart from our talents and assets, the Narcissist wishes they could experience life the way we do. So, although they try to put us down and make us feel like we are nothing, we have everything they want.

 They want our peace, our hope, our light. They want our happiness and joy. The ability alone to be content is what Narcissists are missing and it is the source of their envy. So, they have an insatiable appetite for money, power, stuff, and people. Therefore, seeing others with these things they don’t have or can’t have makes them hate these people. And if given the opportunity, they would happily take those things away and destroy the person in the process.

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