3 Reasons Why Narcissists Have So Much Hate


 3. They Hate Themselves.

The final reason why Narcissists have so much hate is because they hate themselves. As much as they try to make themselves look good and feel good with their fake image, underneath all those bells and whistles is a person who loathes their very existence. Narcissists suffer from a lot of anxiety and depression. And it has a lot to do with the fact that they know they are not happy. They only pretend to be happy. They only pretend to be excited about their relationships and success. Narcissists invest a lot of time, money, and energy to suppress their shame and misery. And also, to hide the truth of what they are.

 But at the end of it all, they know they are still unsatisfied, fearful, and ashamed and they hate it. Because no matter what they get, buy or achieve, it never seems to be enough for them to get rid of those hidden negative emotions and feelings of worthlessness.

But to conclude, those are the three reasons why the Narcissist is filled with hate and why you don’t have to do anything to them for them to target you or seek to destroy you.

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