5 Crucial Habits of a Narcissist That You Should Detect


 Number 1: Display a sense of entitlement even in trivial things.

 Narcissists display their sense of entitlement even in the most trivial things. They are like “Karens” who ask baristas in coffee shops if they could speak with the manager because their names are misspelled. They are known for their entitled ways beyond the scope of acceptable standards.

Narcissists believe that they are entitled to everything in this world; they deserve every special treatment, every special privilege offered, and nothing must go against that. Which is wrong, of course, they have been displaying this you owe me attitude. They use it even for people they do not know or to places they haven’t gone. They believe they must be patronized and admired because they are the best. The comfort, validation, attention, and sympathy must be theirs because they are the saddest and most injured beings.

 Number 2: Perfectionist in every way.

 Perfectionism is another habit one should detect from a narcissist. Narcissists believe that they are perfect individuals; everything they do or plan to do must be carried out flawlessly. You should be perfect if you want to hang out with them as they are perfect. Events must happen as they are expected. Their lives should play out as they perceived them. However, it seldom goes their way, for there are still so many factors that hinder them.

 Unfortunately, for them, everything in this world is imperfectly imperfect. This is against narcissist ideas so they do things their way. They use tactics just so they can somehow attain the perfection they want. Every flaw, shortcoming, and vulnerability must be covered and hidden well, even if it means abusing and exploiting others, anything must be done. This is for the sake of perfection, a perfection that is impossible to achieve. The inability to achieve such perfection causes them dissatisfaction, expressed in complaints, or worse narcissistic rage.

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