5 Ways Super Empaths Confuse Narcissists


Number 1: Super empaths always say No to the narcissist.

 When a narcissist asks a super empath to do something, the super empath refuses by saying No! Narcissists think that people are easy to manipulate and dominate, while against super empaths, a narcissist attempts to manipulate ends up in frustration.

 Super empaths show narcissists that they are impossible to repress and control. Because of this, narcissists will end up struggling for ideas to succeed in manipulation. When narcissists find it hopeless, they will back away and find a new victim.

Number 2: Super empaths ignore the narcissist.

 Narcissists are people who ignore those that do not interest them. Super empaths play it right back at them that way is effective in leaving the narcissist confused. Super empaths ignore and avoid anything that involves the narcissist. You might be asking, avoiding is similar to walking away? So are you saying that super empaths are letting the narcissist win?

 No, don’t get the wrong idea; practicing avoidance is a convenient tool when dealing with toxic people. When you don’t deal with toxic people such as narcissists, you will have better and better days in the end. Thus, it’s a win for you in my book. Additionally, when super empaths ignore a narcissist, it will create these questions in the narcissist’s mind: Are you discarding me? What did I do to deserve this? Leaving the narcissist hesitant about what to do next.

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