5 Ways To Break A Narcissist’s Heart

5 Ways To Break A Narcissist's Heart


A narcissist has to keep you in the dark dungeons of their control. They have to keep you in an absolute state of powerlessness and worthlessness to feel better about themselves. It is their heart’s desire to always see you suffering the way they left you, to reinforce their delusional belief of omnipotence. But when you rise from your ashes like a Phoenix does, and become the opposite of who they want you to be, it breaks their heart.

There are certain things that you can do, things that you can change in yourself, in your thinking, in your feelings to prove them wrong and show them that you do not belong to the darkness they left to you in.

 In this article, we’ll share five ways to break a narcissist’s heart and prove them wrong. Let’s get started.

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