6 Reasons Why Narcissists Are Mean To You


 Number 1: Narcissists are driven to win in all aspects of life.

 A narcissist’s mind is a binary, all-or-nothing universe. A narcissist’s mind is full of power, success, and beauty. They want others to be envious of them and they want people who have what they desire to be jealous of them. When they watch you succeed, their twisted logic tells them they failed because you succeeded. Someone else winning or flourishing might be distressing because they regard your success as a lost opportunity for them to receive some love or attention.

 Unfortunately, no amount of persuasion will convince narcissists otherwise. It’s crucial to realize that the narcissist isn’t competing with you because they despise you or want to emotionally harm you. They act in this manner because they are emotionally deprived of themselves. Someone who is genuinely proud of you and wants to see you succeed will be glad for you and celebrate your accomplishment.

 Narcissists do the other way around. Narcissists will not share your joy and always attempt to belittle your achievement. They will control you and use their power over you to stop you from moving forward in your life.

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