6 Reasons Why Narcissists Are Mean To You


 Number 2: Narcissists need to be superior to others.

 Despite continuously feeling inadequate, they convince themselves that they are genuinely superior and better than others. They frequently show it by externally insulting, slandering, mocking, shaming, and attacking their victim in numerous ways, or by bragging and lying about their accomplishments. A narcissist’s common strategy is pretending to be better than you so they can impress, deceive, and manipulate others.

On the other hand, narcissists idealize persons they perceive as beneficial or powerful. A narcissistic person, on the other hand, has contempt for everyone. They despise individuals they consider to be lesser because they are weak, pitiful, and useless. When it comes to narcissists thinking, they hate others they regard as superior or valuable, and narcissists frequently claim that they are the ones who genuinely deserve it. Being mean to you might be because they find you unique or helpful.

 Number 3: Narcissists can’t handle criticism.

 Narcissists do not tolerate criticism. Accepting and taking criticism depends on how secure we feel about ourselves. The narcissist may not show it but all complaints feel gravely threatening to them deep down. When confronted with criticism, narcissists have a terrible inability to maintain emotional calm. It doesn’t even matter if the complaint is constructive or damaging. They just don’t seem to be able to take any criticism.

 If they are correct, you must admit that you are wrong. Once you don’t acknowledge that you are wrong to criticize them, they will now take it to the next level; they will bully you until you change your opinion. When their attempt to force you is ineffective, they will now be your enemy and go to war against you.

 Narcissists will then attack you back, and it can become pointless to confront them to improve themselves. Remember that they only think about themselves, and they will always be meaner when you criticize them.

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