6 Reasons Why Narcissists Are Mean To You


 Number 4: Narcissists have a hard time forgiving themselves.

 A narcissist’s behavior is often motivated by self-hatred rather than self-love. Well, it’s a common misconception that forgiveness is for the victim’s mental health, not the offenders; narcissists deal with the suffering by forgiving themselves. They deal with grief in two ways: They either add this to their list of insecurities that no one will know about or ignore it as unimportant to their self-esteem. Either of the two, narcissists will not be able to tell the difference between the two.

 When you look at narcissists knowing what they are, you see nothing real. They are soulless, empty, and incapable of compassion for anybody, including themselves. Narcissists are not concerned with things like forgiveness because their egos take over. All they can think about is how to get more toxic oxygen from people, and as a result, they will continue to find ways to harm others.

A Book: Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.

 Number 5: Narcissists are living in a fantasy world.

 Narcissists can be enticing and appealing. They have a gift for building up a fictional, flattering self-image that allures us in. We are attracted to their seeming self-assurance and lofty ambitions, and the more shaky our self-esteem is, the more attractive the appeal becomes. It’s easy to get stuck in their trap, believing that they would make us feel more significant and alive, but it’s all delusion.

 Narcissists can be good storytellers; their stories of personal victories, heroism, and even selflessness will attract you. You’ll see that history has been altered when you look behind the curtain. These fantasies protect them from feeling inner emptiness, so facts and opinions are easily ignored and reasoned away. Anything that may threaten to burst the narcissist’s fantasy bubble is treated with defensiveness, if not rage and anger, so people around them will learn to walk carefully around their denial of reality.

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