6 Shocking Reasons Why Narcissists Are Attached To You


 1. Your success and achievements.

 Narcissists are opportunistic people. By definition, opportunists have negative connotations; it implies that the people labeled as such take unprincipled, unfair advantage of opportunities for selfish ends. In other words, the opportunist is also called exploitative. If you were able to follow through with a description, then you see that the qualities of narcissists fit it.

After being aware of these traits, we know that narcissists want to be attached to someone who can give them enough resources. Every success matters to them, whether it’s your degree, intelligence, work, or promotions. They would look for those they can leech on, even things you own would matter, the type of car, your bags, shoes, or clothes; all that you own that they can use will keep a narcissist attached to your side.

 Because narcissists require constant stimulation for their ego, they surround themselves with people willing to cater to their obsessive need for affirmation. But these are one-sided relationships, where narcissists are the ones who are constantly receiving everything from you.

 2. Compliments and gestures.

 Narcissists keep attached to those who can feed their egos. A narcissist’s sense of superiority is like a hot air balloon that needs the air produced by the fire to stay inflated and at the top, and this hot air balloon is fueled by a steady stream of Applause and recognition. The occasional compliment is insufficient because narcissists require constant stimulation for their ego; they surround themselves with people willing to cater to their obsessive need for affirmation.

 Narcissists love to stay with those who can make them feel good about themselves. They do not react the same way as Ordinary People when receiving compliments. The usual response to a compliment is gratitude, but narcissists do not know how to say thank you sincerely, and often, they don’t think they need to say it at all because they expect praise and kind gestures from people are already a given.

 Narcissists also do not give compliments back, because, for them, they don’t have to make people feel good about themselves because it’s not their job to do so. You’d be lucky to get a compliment from a narcissist, and even if you do, you have reason to be suspicious, why? That is because narcissists often use backhanded compliments, which refer to a compliment with an insult tied to it.

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