7 Dirty Narcissistic HOOVERING TACTICS to Watch Out for


 Number 1: Faking health scares.

Some narcissists can’t handle rejection very well and the whole idea of narcissistic hoovering tactics is how narcissists handle rejection. One of these tactics is calling their ex-spouse to fake a health scare. These scares can be small but will be exaggerated for dramatic effect.

Hoovering narcissists will use this tactic, especially on a significant other who is extremely empathetic or sympathetic. How narcissists hoover like this is by calling or texting constantly about how they are in and out of the hospital or sending pictures of their medication. Now, these tactics could all simply be a lie to lure the victim back into the relationship. They could be fake pictures and medical records.

This tactic is not only used on the narcissist themselves, but they may use it on a shared pet or a loved one the victim cares extremely about. This tactic is important because most people, despite how they feel, will put their feelings aside for someone and be there through hard times. The narcissist knows this and knows if their ex will come through and be there.

So they will use this tactic as far as it can go, and when they feel like they are gaining the victim’s trust back, they may pretend to feel better and try to continue attempting a relationship with the victim.

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