7 Ways to Build Immunity to Narcissistic Abuse


 Number 1: Resistance to gaslighting.

As many people know, gaslighting is the main form of abuse from narcissists. Gaslighting is when the abuser attempts to alter the victim’s perception of reality. Their end goal is to have the victim rely solely on them for all forms of the truth in their lives. Building an immunity to this can be hard, but a way to start is first detecting when the abuse is occurring. The victim can see this when the abuser is doing something wrong, gets called out on their actions, and shifts the blame to the victim to take themselves out of the corner.

 Immunity to this includes consciously becoming aware of the situation and backing out of the fight instead of giving the abuser the ability to accuse and argue, validating yourself, and creating empowerment in the relationship. Inform the abuser that you are in charge of your life and you are aware of your reality. The abuser usually expects the victim to go along with whatever it is they have said, so showing resistance to their abuse will throw them off.

Other forms of immunity include self-growth. This can include starting or continuing enjoyable hobbies, journaling to sort out the trauma and emotions, and the victim slowly removing themselves from the person. This can include spending more time with friends or family.

If the abuse is occurring at work, this can mean requesting a transfer or looking for a better opportunity somewhere else. If the abuse is happening with a parent or sibling, find more outdoor or out-of-the-home activities to buy time till you can safely remove yourself from the situation.

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