8 Manipulation Games Narcissists Play With You

8 Manipulation Games Narcissists Will Play With You


Let’s begin here today with a reminder that narcissism is all about one person wanting to maintain control over another, and then a whole host of other characteristics come along with it. And as part of their need for control, narcissists have no problem whatsoever in playing manipulation games with you.

They can be very demeaning, and they want to create a sense of confusion. They want to make sure that you know that they’re in charge, they have the final word, and so there are all sorts of ways that they can mess with your head, and in doing so keep you in the inadequate or the inferior kind of position.

So, today I want to go through eight of the very common manipulation games that narcissus will play with you. And as you’re onto this, then you can be able to spot it and learn not to get sucked into all of the junk that goes along with it.

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