8 Signs of an Immature Person – Is Immaturity a Sign of Narcissism?


1. They Can’t Look Beyond Themselves.

One of the worst things about emotionally immature people is that they can’t look beyond themselves. The only thing they want to talk about is how they’re feeling, how their day was, and how they’re the best.

Emotionally immature people are self-obsessed and can’t relate with other people because they think they always come first. They’re under the impression that they’re always to be the most important person in the room and that everyone else should forget about their own issues to focus on them.

This trait is one of the most emotionally draining ones, and before you know it, you’re going to put yourself second and them first. Try to stay away from people that make everything about them.

2. They’re Overly Defensive.

Emotionally immature people get super defensive every time you mention one of their shortcomings or complain about something they’ve been doing that’s bothering you. If you mention that they’ve been neglecting one of their duties, they’ll reply with something that shuts you down. A crude joke or personal attack is one of their favorite replies and it’s how they avoid any conversation that ends with them taking the blame.

Every time you try to bring up something that’s bothering you, they’ll mention how they’re tired and how you’re always on their case. Don’t be fooled. They’re just trying to change the topic and want to make you feel bad for complaining about them and putting up with their inappropriate behavior.

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