8 Thoughts, Actions, and Beliefs we have when in a Toxic Relationship.


1. You begin to question yourself.

 The first thing that we find ourselves doing when we’re in toxic relationships is that we begin to question ourselves. The other person has told us that maybe we’re selfish, maybe they constantly tell us that we’re self-centered, maybe that we’re the problem in the relationship, maybe we need help, or maybe we’re too loud, and the list goes on.

 Are you questioning yourself because of what your significant other has told you about yourself? Do you feel that you’re selfish? And do you hear it more often than not from that person that you are being selfish, or you’re being overbearing, or you’re being self-centered? And you’ve begun to wonder, am I really that way? Well, that’s one of the first indications to realize that maybe we are in a toxic relationship.

2. You apologize for everything.

 The second indication that you may be in a toxic relationship is you find yourself apologizing for absolutely everything that goes wrong in the relationship, even things that don’t go wrong in the relationship. You even find yourself apologizing for the way that you’re acting, or apologizing for your responses, or even apologizing for the fact that you don’t feel good.

We find ourselves apologizing for things that are part of us. It’s part of our body, our makeup, how can we be apologizing for something like that? But is it because you’re in an environment where you feel like you can’t be yourself? Are you in an environment where you feel bad about expressing your feelings? And when you do express your feelings, do you get told that you’re being selfish, or overbearing, or too emotional, or that you wear your feelings on your sleeve, and so you say “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring that up.” This is another real indication that you may be in a toxic relationship.

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