8 Ways Narcissists Spy On You

4 Things Narcissists Do When They Can't Control You


Have you ever felt like someone is always following you or thinking someone is at your back, ready to pounce on you? Well, if you have a narcissistic partner, that’s the only explanation you need. 

Narcissists possess a relentless desire for control and dominance, often resorting to intrusive methods to spy on others. Their need to maintain a facade of superiority drives them to invade your privacy. They may meticulously monitor your online activities, exploit relationships to extract personal information, and engage in physical surveillance. By tracking your location, eavesdropping on conversations, or manipulating others to gather information, narcissists attempt to maintain an overwhelming level of control over your life. Their spying behaviors exemplify their inherent disregard for personal boundaries and an insatiable thirst for power.

Narcissists are experts at spying or trying to steal your life and make it theirs. They can do this in several ways, from using technology to hacking into your social media accounts and stealing passwords. Read this article “Until the End” as we share with you eight ways narcissists spy on you.

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