9 Signs Of A Narcissistic Mother – Mother-Daughter Relationships

Signs Of A Narcissistic Mother | Mother-Daughter Relationships


Today’s question asks if I can talk about the mother-daughter relationship in a situation where the mother is narcissistic, so really I’ll be talking about maternal narcissism.

This is actually a fairly common situation that counselors see and clinical work. So I’m going to cover this by looking at the nine signs of a narcissistic mother.

Narcissism is a personality construct. We see that includes characteristics like being self-centered, having a sense of entitlement, and requiring admiration. And generally divided up into two types:

1. We have a grandiose type or somebody who is socially dominant, very arrogant, and resistant to criticism. This is a fairly obvious manifestation of narcissism. It’s also called overt narcissism for that reason.

2. And then, we have vulnerable narcissism. And here we see characteristics like shame, hypersensitivity to criticism, and being resentful. It’s a little bit more hidden. And it’s also called covert narcissism for that reason.

 Like all personality constructs, it’s thought that narcissism occurs because of genetics and because of the environment. And we’ve seen a lot of research around dividing the contribution of each of these two of narcissism.

I gathered these from the research literature and from my clinical experience. Again, this is a very common issue brought up in clinical work.

The Following Are The 9 Signs Of A Narcissistic Mother – Mother-Daughter Relationship.

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