Dating A Narcissist? – 12 Warning Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist


 Number 1 : Me talk.

 If your partner is a self-centered as a narcissist, there’s only one thing they ever want to talk about. “THEMSELVES”. They find ways to make themselves the subject of every conversation, every story revolves around them, every reference leads back to them. They’re constantly the center of attention, and they like it that way.

But there’s one particularly annoying habit that almost every narcissist does in a relationship, every narcissist rambles about their own great qualities, but a narcissistic partner wants to hear you talk about them too. They’ll ask you self-centered questions like, so what do you like the most about me? Or what about my personality? Are you the most attracted to? It’s normal to ask these kinds of questions every once in a while.

Your partner might honestly be curious about how you feel, but if your partner drops the same conceited questions on a regular basis, soon, you’ve got a much bigger problem because there’s a good chance you’re dating a narcissist.

Number 2 : Exaggerated language.

But it isn’t just the subject of the conversation that comes off as self-centered. You’ve probably noticed the same arrogance or self-importance in the way they talk about themselves, the words they use, and the kind of stories they tell.

Okay, let’s say your partner tells you about finding someone’s wallet from the sidewalk. A normal person might say they were relieved to find the wallet’s owner or that someone else didn’t run off with it. But narcissists have a very particular way of characterizing themselves.

They want to look like the hero of any story. They want every story to give you a reason to admire them- To feel attracted to them. They want to leave behind an image of confidence and achievement, especially if they’re talking to a significant other. That’s why narcissists exaggerate almost every detail. They spice up the action, raise the stakes, and emphasize their heroism just to impress you. Suddenly, that story isn’t about finding someone’s lost wallet, it’s just another chance for your partner to brag about how great they are.

A narcissistic partner will talk a big game, but when it comes time to back it up, they consistently fall short. This lack of follow-through is all too common among narcissists. Whether it’s something little like a chore or something big like a job interview. Your narcissistic partner will tell you they have everything under control, but they rarely ever do.

If this sounds like your partner, you should ask yourself one important question, Is my partner really a dependable person? If not, well, you may be dating a narcissist.

Number 3 : Zero follow-through.

We all like to believe our significant others are people that we can count on. People that will come through for us when it matters most but are they actually dependable? Does your partner really do the things they say? They’re going to do because that lack of consistency is a huge red flag because everyone no matter who you are should be with someone you can count on.

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