Have you Hurt the Narcissist’s Feelings – When They Overreact

Have you Hurt the Narcissist's Feelings - When They Overreact


As I have made very clear in a previous article, Narcissists are extremists. They are known to overreact. They are known to take a lot of things personally and are thus easily offended. And they are also very moody people, so it is necessary to watch your tone of voice and not critique or make any accusatory statements when you are around a Narcissist.

 Otherwise, expect to become a target, except for the Narcissist to want to punish you for offending them. There is also more that the Narcissist is hoping to accomplish by overreacting. And today, it is all about when the Narcissist overreacts.

 Because things could be going nicely, and then just because you literally step on their toe, bump into them or seek their attention or opinion on a matter, they blow the roof. For every situation, their reason for reacting may differ. So today, I have 3 main reasons why the Narcissist overreacts, what they are hoping to accomplish and how you should respond.

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