How To Torture a Narcissist


 Number 1: Ghost the narcissist.

That’s right, turn the tables and drop them like a hot rock, and do not look back. Block them across all platforms, and adopt a “you’re dead to me attitude.” This means stop talking to them, stop talking about them, stop thinking about them, and instead invest all of your time, energy, attention, and resources into healing and improving yourself. Make the decision to move on like you mean it. Do whatever you need to do to permanently break free, but don’t stop there.

 Do the work to become a better person, the person who isn’t an easy mark, who isn’t a match to empathy-impaired emotional manipulators and toxic bullies and perpetrators, rather grow into the person you were always intended to be, the person who is standing fully in your power, sovereign and free. And this requires that you get yourself to the place where as far as you’re concerned, they don’t even exist for real. And the truth is, it doesn’t even matter if you have to fake it till you make it. Obviously, it’s better if you can absolutely own, and embody a posture of total indifference and do so authentically.

 But if you’re not quite there yet, if you have to start from a place of acting as if until you’ve traveled the path of healing and recovery and personal empowerment long enough to grow into a place of absolute indifference, so be it. The bottom line is the moment you decide to ghost the narcissist, the moment you decide to drop them like a hot rock, the moment you decide to take your power back and cut ties for real, you are no longer a reliable source of narcissistic supply. You’re no longer available to be manipulated, targeted, scapegoated, or otherwise abused.

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 Instead, where the narcissist is concerned, you are coming from a place of complete and utter indifference, absolutely not affected by the bullshit and the nonsense, couldn’t care less Charlie, whether you live or die is the attitude. When you communicate this attitude and posture through your behavior and non-action, your non-reactivity, and your ability to hold the line when it comes to having established and maintaining no contact, I promise you this complete and utter lack of care or concern, your total indifference will be torturous for the narcissist whether they ever let on, or not is another story.

 The irony is in order to truly torture a narcissist, they can see that you don’t even want to torture them, you simply do not care enough to bother. Whatever happens to them, you’re indifferent. Your focus is on yourself and moving on, not them, and again the irony is that’s the thing that tortures them more than anything. And if you want to know What Happens When You GHOST a Narcissist, read this article here.

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