The Narcissist Needs THIS To Operate – Don’t Let Them Fool You

The Narcissist Needs THIS To Operate - Don't Let Them Fool You


In Today’s article, ‘The Narcissist Needs THIS To Operate’, we will be exposing another truth about the covert narcissist. Covert Narcissists are everywhere! In your workplace, church, schools, and other social organizations. They can be difficult to detect if you are not in a relationship with one. But what exactly do they need from the people around them? This, you will find out and also how they go about getting it. Maybe after reading, you will be able to spot a covert narcissist in your life.

 As usual, please bear with me to the end to fully understand my message of what the narcissist needs from you in order for them to operate or work effectively, because we talk a lot about the covert narcissists and the false image that they put forward. And the main reason is because they want to be liked, so they create a character that the people around them can gravitate to.

 It’s very important to the covert narcissists to know that you like them, that you think highly of them. They need you to be responsive to them. Just like the narcissist is afraid of things that they cannot control, they are also afraid or very uncomfortable around people who they can’t reach- people who are emotionally closed off or they are unable to influence.

 In my article, 10 Things Narcissists Think You Owe Them, I touched on the fact that the narcissist is quiet around certain individuals. They don’t like when people are neutral towards them. It makes them very uncomfortable, and when the narcissist is uncomfortable or feels threatened, they go quiet. They become silent. This is because they need feedback to know where they stand with you.

This Is What The Narcissist Needs to Operate Effectively. Don’t Let Them Fool You.

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