The Narcissist Needs THIS To Operate – Don’t Let Them Fool You


Your Trust!

Narcissists are pathological liars. They work so hard and will stoop to any level to eliminate anyone who threatens to expose them. It’s all because the narcissist sees it as a personal attack if anyone makes them feel on easy. They want you to be impressed by them, they want you to treat them special, they want you to take notice of them. They want you to trust them!

 Trust is what the narcissist needs to operate effectively. With your trust, they can then control and manipulate as they wish. You see, in order for the covert narcissist to be influential at work, church, or in any other social group, and in the early phases of a romantic relationship, they need your trust. They need to know that you have confidence in them, that you believe the fake persona that they have put forth. They want you to like them and believe everything that they tell you.

Lundy Bancroft: Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.

 When I say they want you to believe their every word, they seriously do. From my experience, the narcissist I know will actually make outrageous statements like: “I don’t tell lies! I never tell lies!” But just by making such statements, they have already lied. Did you know that they actually believe this lie? They actually think that they are honest individuals who sometimes twist the truth or omit some truth, but they never lie. Or they justify it by saying that they were joking, just playing, or exaggerated a bit, but they don’t lie.

 But this is just a side note and further confirmation of how delusional they can be and how much they actually lie to themselves. But seriously, they do want your trust, and they will do whatever it takes to convince you that they themselves are trustworthy, honest, and good.

 So, the next natural follow-up question would be, why? Why do they want your trust?

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