This Happens When The Narcissist Has No one


For outsiders, it is hard to know where you really stand with a Covert Narcissist, as they prefer to pretend to get on with everyone. The Covert Narcissist wants only to be seen as the hero or the victim, never the villain or instigator as their image and reputation are everything to them. They smile through their pain, to convince others that life is great and that they are happy.

So, a dilemma arises when the Covert Narcissist is alone and has no one. They do not have a committed relationship or anyone in their safe zone that they can abuse. Therefore, they create whatever drama they can, which is usually looking to slyly turn people against each other; whether it’s in their workplace, church, or any other organization or group that they are a part of; as that will be the only bit of excitement they can get.

What happens to the Covert Narcissist’s Mask?

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