This Happens When The Narcissist Is Finished With You


1. Ignore You.

So first on the list is that they will ignore you, disappear occasionally or ghost you. When a Narcissist no longer finds someone useful, they will go quiet. Or if they find someone who is too difficult and has too many boundaries or they are not able to manipulate them, they shut down around them or start avoiding them.

The Narcissist does not see any benefit in communicating or even having any type of small talk. So, they will prefer to give you the silent treatment. They will ignore your messages or take a very long time to respond. They will block you, ghost you and just disconnect from you as much as possible. Therefore, even if you share the same house, they will not say or do more than what is required. Because when a Narcissist no longer has use for someone, it is hard for them to even pretend to be interested anymore.

2. Openly Disrespect You.

 The next thing they will do is openly disrespect you. This can take many forms but it is the fact that they will do it, not just in private but in public. Because as I said before, they have already slandered you sufficiently that people will think they are justified to treat you this way.

They may talk over you, talk down at you, act disgusted with you, just lots of little things like that which can leave you feeling quite hurt and unsupported; as no one will come to your defense. Because the people they will do it around more times than not will be their flying monkeys; which are those people who believe and side with the Narcissist.

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