Top 5 Strategies to deal with a SMEAR CAMPAIGN


1. Don’t engage.

 It’s normal and completely understandable to want to retaliate in kind or attempt to turn the tables, and believe it or not, that’s what the narcissus is hoping that you will do because that will provide them with narcissistic supply. But because they are so much more devious and vindictive, that the chances of us actually being successful at achieving this is very slim. If you engage in this behavior, the narcissist will escalate their smear campaign and the viciousness of their attack in order to win.

 By not engaging, you maintain your true character, your true values, and that will be what persevere in the long run and you will prove that the things they are saying about you are not true and that was a smear campaign. If you do not engage in the smear campaign, the effects from it are way more likely to disappear sooner rather than later.

 The other wonderful advantage to not engaging is that it drives the narcissus absolutely crazy. They live for the reaction; that’s what they want more than anything from you is response, your anger, your pain, your humiliation. By not participating in the game, you deprived them of any narcissistic supply that they can get from you, and that is far more agonizing for the narcissist than any amount of retaliation.

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