What Happens When You GHOST a Narcissist

What Happens When you GHOST a Narcissist


Enough is enough? Ghosting a narcissist, otherwise known as going no contact, is one of the most effective methods in dealing with a person with narcissistic personality disorder, or someone with narcissistic tendency. It might just be the ultimate move to counter a narcissist’s silent treatment.

Ghosting them entails absolute cutting off contact, whether it be blocking them on social media, deleting their number on your phone, or avoiding places where you run into each other, as long as you are not responding to any of their advances. Ha! Talk about giving them a taste of their own medicine.

 Keep reading this article to find out the impacts and possible repercussions of this powerful and yet challenging approach.

 Here are 10 things to expect when you ghost a narcissist.

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