What Makes The Narcissist Decide To Stay With Someone


1. Lack of Limits or Boundaries.

 If the target remains someone who the Narcissist can easily continue to take advantage of, and easily get what they want when they want it, they will not be going anywhere. Narcissists are users, and if someone doesn’t know how to refuse the Narcissist or tell them no, then that person is someone the Narcissist will not want to lose.

2. Dependency.

The second factor would be dependency. How dependent are you on the Narcissist? Narcissists love to isolate people and make them dependent on them any way they can to ensure that they are needed. Financial dependency is very common. But also, many people once isolated end up becoming emotionally dependent on the Narcissist. And if someone is dependent on the Narcissist, then it is very unlikely that they would want to discard the Narcissist.

That is why Narcissists seek to weaken our emotional and mental strength. This is why they seek to confuse us and gaslight us in order to make us question our own sanity. Because if they can convince us that something is wrong with us and we need them to help us or depend on them for making the right decisions, then the Narcissist knows they have broken us and can keep manipulating us to their advantage. If they know we have no one else to turn to for emotional support, the more control the Narcissist has.

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