When You Finally Move On, The Narcissist Does This

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When you decide to move on, it’s because you had enough; you have had enough of the constant insults and put-downs, and you have had enough of the narcissist using you for money or s*x. It’s because you’ve woken up and you’ve realized the truth of what you’re dealing with.

 When you finally decide to move on, it’s because you realize that it’s not your fault. You’re not responsible for the way that they’re behaving, and you’re not responsible to fix anything because you realize that you’re dealing with someone who has a mental illness.

You figured out the narcissist, you realize what they were about, you became aware of what they were trying to do to you, and you got yourself out of there- You left the relationship. You thought it was finally over! But now, it seems like it was only the beginning. It seems like things are getting worse than they were while you were with them. The narcissist could not just let you go without a fight, and they will hold on for dear life.

So today, we are going to be talking about what happens when you finally move on and leave the narcissist. Let’s get started!

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