5 Sadistic Things Narcissists Find Entertaining


 Number 1: Public shaming.

Narcissists love to shame you when others are watching. They love to put you down and count your flaws when everyone is watching through two things: 1. They have control over you. 2. They are better than you. While not all narcissists engage in public shaming, overt and grandiose ones with no shame left in them like it more than anything else because it makes them feel dominant and powerful. My father did it all the time, on a bus, at a gathering, or some other place where he could prove he’s a big father and he has got his children under his thumb.

 They target your perceived weaknesses or mistakes and expose them to the watching and hearing audience, leaving you feeling humiliated and vulnerable. This is where the shame towards yourself sets in and you start seeing yourself as a worthless being. They may call out your errors in a group setting, make fun of your appearance or personal choices, or deride your opinions and ideas to make themselves appear superior. If they subtly put you down or covertly jab you and you confront them, they say it was a joke and you’re being too sensitive, or you can’t take a joke.

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