5 Things Narcissists Do When You’re Sick

1. They may act sicker than you.

You might be someone who rarely gets sick, always handling things well and being able to handle different situations. But suddenly, something happened, and you got sick or faced a difficult situation. So now you’re taking some time to rest, hoping that someone will be there to support you. Maybe you’ve always been the type of person who supports others in their time of need. However, when you’re dealing with a narcissist, they will expect you to take care of them instead. They may act like they’re sicker than you, making their needs a priority while downplaying or ignoring yours.

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2. They may shame you.

They might tell you that you’re weak because you’re sick. Sometimes, they won’t say it directly, but they’ll make you feel like it through their actions, even if they’re the ones who caused your illness. When you’re sick, there’s not much you can do about it. But they will keep treating you poorly and unfairly, especially when you need their support the most. In fact, when you’re feeling down, they will make things even worse and try to make you feel even worse. They might even blame you for being sick, as if it’s your fault.

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