Am I Being Gaslighted | Top 5 Signs You Are Being Gaslighted

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Today, I’m going to be giving you my top 5 signs you’re being gaslighted, and answer the question, I am being gaslighted?

 And let me briefly define what gaslighting is?

 Gaslighting in its simplest form is a very serious form of psychological abuse, where the perpetrators and goal are to make you doubt your own perceptions and reality.

The goal is usually to make you become completely dependent on the Gaslighter for your interpretation of reality. Or sometimes, it’s used to make you believe, or make others believe that you’re crazy. In its most extreme form, the goal is to make you actually believe that you’re losing your mind.

 Gaslighting is a form of lying. However, the intentions are far more sadistic and cruel than someone telling a lie to avoid getting in trouble or cut for something that they did. I want to make this really clear because I personally know some people who are trying to educate their children about gaslighting, because they have an ex who is a narcissist, and the ex was able to take the definition of gaslighting and manipulate the meaning to the child into believing that both of the parents were guilty of this because each had told the lie before.

So while I suppose gaslighting could technically be considered a form of lying, what makes gaslighting very different from someone who’s telling a white lie is the intention of the perpetrator. Gaslighting is a very sadistic and cruel form of abuse, and the goal is to cause harm to the victim.

┬áSo here’s my top 5 signs you are being gaslighted.

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