Are You A Narcissist? | How To Determine If You Are A Narcissist

Are You A Narcissist? | How To Determine If You Are A Narcissist


In today’s article, we are going to be exploring a question so many of us ask who have been in relationships with a narcissist, am I a narcissist?

 This question usually pops up in our minds soon after we start researching NPD and behaviors of narcissism. Because some of the behaviors we are learning about kind of sound like things we’ve actually done at times. So how do I know that I am a narcissist?

 Also many times, the narcissists will accuse their victims of actually being a narcissist. They are so good at projecting and blame-shifting what they are guilty of onto others, and it can be incredibly confusing when we’re being attacked like that.

 So today, we are going to examine how you know if you are or are not a narcissist?

This is a question that I hear from my coaching clients on a continual basis. Typically, it starts with them realizing that something isn’t quite right with the person they are in a relationship with. So they start doing some research on the internet to try and figure out what’s going on with their partner, and they eventually come across the words narcissist, or narcissism, or narcissistic personality disorder.

Inevitably, as you are reading through some of the traits listed like grandiosity, a belief that you’re special or unique manipulative lying, and you stop and say, wait a minute, I am sometimes guilty of lying, and I have been manipulative at certain times in my life, and there have also been times that I have been totally selfish and self-centered, oh my god, what if I’m the narcissist.

┬áIf you have wondered about this or ask yourself this question, then today’s article is for you because we are going to dive into this topic, and I’m going to give you my top five determining factors that can give you some peace in knowing if you are or are not a narcissist.

Are You A Narcissist? | How To Determine If You Are A Narcissist!

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