How to Identify a Narcissist from a Conversation


Number 1: They make it clear they only associate with people of higher importance.

 This one may seem unusual but many narcissists talk about how much they will only normally speak or associate with people of equal or higher class. You may be surprised and think to yourself, “No one would actually say that kind of stuff out loud, right?” Well, actually a narcissist would. Narcissists have a sense of high self-esteem so they believe they only need to hang out with people who are as great as them.

 Narcissistic behavior may include making you feel inferior and saying things that make you feel like the conversation is almost like charity for them. This can cause hurt and embarrassed feelings for the victim. These kinds of back-and-forth toxic emotions are a clear sign of talking to a narcissist but most victims will not see that and allow the narcissist to abuse them. It is essential to step back when you start to feel like you are not good enough for the conversation, and you need to reevaluate if this conversation is worth the negative feelings you may encounter afterwards. We promise it won’t be.

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 Now there may be times where the person that makes you feel this way is a family member or coworker and talking to them is unavoidable. It is important to set boundaries with those people. And if you don’t know how to set boundaries with a narcissist, this article here will help you to do so. Narcissists will always believe that they are better than anyone else in the room and no one will be as great as them. You see this a lot in coworkers, especially the ones who want to move up quickly.

Many colleagues will brag on and on about how much they do for the boss and how much the boss relies on them. They say this so the other workers will feel like they do not have a chance next to them. Narcissists will only hang out with supervisors and higher managers that can help them reach the top. They make it clear to the workers who are on the same level as them that they are not going to be there long and they will soon be working for that narcissist.

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