Husband Not Interested In Me |How to return your husband’s interest

Husband Not Interested In Me |How to return your husband’s interest


Today, we are going to talk about a very special topic: ” Husband Not Interested In Me | How to return your husband’s interest”. Advice from a psychologist.

So, you are deeply married. It would seem that everything is in order: home, work, children, husband … By the way, about her husband. Unfortunately, being married, many women notice a chill on the part of their man. Many rush to look for a way out of the situation on the Internet, desperately googling ” my husband not interested in me”, “How to get a relationship with my husband back, advice from a psychologist.” That is why we have prepared some tips from a psychologist on how to get your husband’s interest back.

How it all starts

Usually, nothing portends troubles, you and your spouse spend your days, as usual, rest together on weekends, and this continues week after week, year after year … You can identify several main reasons for the cooling of spouses to each other.

1. Boredom. How to return your husband’s interest in yourself if you have long ceased to surprise each other? That’s right, no way. Therefore, it would not hurt you to come up with new activities, try to open up from a new side, so that your partner looks at you, as at the very beginning of your relationship – with surprise and admiration.

2. Saw the brain. If you are a drinking woman who is ready to chastise your faithful all day for socks that have not been put into the dirty laundry basket, immediately throw away the torture tool! And even more so. Never saw the brain of your chosen one on the topic “You don’t love me”. Every psychologist will tell you that you cannot return your husband’s love by force.

3. Lack of joint interests. If in the beginning you and your husband were driven mainly by passion in the relationship, and conversations were in second place, then the more you live together, the more you will notice that you have nothing to talk about except everyday issues. So it would be nice for you and your husband to get involved in some kind of joint activity: go to Language courses, sign up for salsa or programming courses.

How to return your husband’s interest: advice from a psychologist.

In general, there are two ways to solve the problem that has arisen in the relationship. With the active involvement of the husband and without, you should choose the first or the second method based on the degree of decrease in your man’s interest in you.

If you are still sure that your husband loves you like a woman, but the dynamics of your relationship in your opinion has decreased, you can use the first method. If it’s noticeable to you that your partner sees you more as a friend, relative, or mother of children, but not an attractive girl in any way, it’s better to choose method number two.

Method one: Pocessing.

So, the first way is processing. Processing is talking about a problem. If your man is interested in improving his relationship with you, he may be more accommodating if you offer to talk. However, you need to understand that most likely during your life together, you and your spouse have accumulated a sufficient number of resentments, fears, and doubts, so it can be difficult to start a conversation. An exercise from psychoanalysis can help here.

Stay alone with your husband, lie on the bed, close your eyes, and be silent for a while. And then begin to say in turn everything that comes to mind at the moment. Everything that has accumulated inside. Then discuss it together. And do not skimp on words of love if your feelings are sincere. But most importantly – do not ignore your partner, do not let his words go deaf, because only by listening will you understand what worries him about your relationship. And only together you will find a way out of this situation.

Rules for successful processing in a situation when your husband not interested in you and you want to return your husband’s interest:

  • do not blame your partner;
  • do not interrupt;
  • listen attentively;
  • Don’t make excuses;
  • thank for the sincerity.

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Method two: Take care of your life.

If you have noticed for a long time and consistently that it’s much more interesting for your faithful to go down on social networks than to talk to you, if your husband says “Yes, dear” to all your requests, and then still does not fulfill them. If not only has disappeared from your family life sex but even hugging and kissing is bad. But fixable!

And the best and most important thing that you can do is to lag behind your husband and not hang over him with a reproachful shadow with a mental list of what he has not given you: love, attention, money, help around the house, etc. Believe me, he already knows how much he “owes” you, and he only moves further away from this.

As corny as it may seem, start with yourself and stop being greedy. First things first, ask yourself what you give your husband in a relationship. Try to be an altruist who gives his love simply because he can. And at the same time does not expect anything in return. Try to be such an ideal woman for at least a week and you will already see the difference. Just don’t lie to yourself. You should be happy to cook your favorite dishes for your husband, listen to his stories about work, and give him enough freedom.

Second, you must stop being so dependent on your husband. The most important thing is to realize that you are a separate person with separate interests, but so is he. Therefore, think about some activity that you have not done for a long time, but which brought you pleasure, and return to it. Well, or find something new, do not be afraid to try. Gain new impressions, fill your life with vivid emotions in order to be the same bright personality. Don’t put all of yourself on the altar of the family, give yourself time just for yourself.

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Third – in no case, do not forget about your appearance. Even if you’re not happy with your own reflection, try to love yourself first. What kind of love from your husband can you talk about if you don’t love yourself? That’s right, not about any. So you need to deal with yourself, preferably with pleasure. Sign up to the gym, if you have been putting off for a long time. Change your hairstyle, find a thrill in taking care of yourself.

In general, these are the very three pillars on which the supports of your personality are built. And only a strong and bright personality can truly attract people, including returning the husband’s interest in his own person. Leave manipulation and deceitful techniques. Do not try to achieve love by deception and blackmail – this will not bring you anything good. But your own development, work on your problems and the desire to grow above yourself are worth a lot.

And your man will certainly appreciate this and will see you again as an attractive woman with whom he once fell in love. And believe me, you are not desperately googling again that my husband not interested in me or how to return your husband’s interest.

Those were the top psychological tips about today’s topic:” Husband Not Interested In Me | How to return your husband’s interest”. Please, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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