What Narcissistic Husbands Say To Their Wives


10. Why do you keep asking questions?

 Realistically, men are irritated with too many questions being asked to them, but narcissistic husbands are very irritated with questions about them cheating. This is always the question that narcissistic husbands get irritated with. Even though they have been doing it for a long time, they keep on telling their wives that they aren’t cheating.

This is the kind of tactic that narcissistic husbands do and it’s called “gaslighting”. They always lure their wives away from the actual truth so that they can do everything they want, even if it means stepping on their wife’s thoughts. If you have this kind of husband, respond in a way that will make him chase you afterward.

 9. What’s wrong with what I’m doing?

 Ever wonder what your narcissistic husband did wrong? There are too many to mention on the spot. Narcissistic husbands never admit their mistakes, not even once. They take pride in it and say there was nothing wrong with doing the things they did. Whereas, all they did to their wives are all wrong. They always make excuses and justify their wrongdoings.

 Narcissistic husbands never believe in their wives in the first place, which is why they look for other women and think that they want pleasure. Their desires are always high because of their lust for wanting to sleep with other women, even if they’re married. So do you think it’s okay for your husband to be doing these kinds of things to you? I don’t think so!

 8. I want you to do this.

 Has your husband forced you to do things you’ve never done before, like taking drugs or drinking alcohol? And when they force you to do it, have you submitted to their request? You’ve got to control the things you need in order for you to maintain your sanity because your narcissistic husband will always force you on doing things that are against your will and your principles. Be very careful and think about the things that he will make you do because they will always think about their own gain and benefit rather than your safety and welfare.

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