What The Narcissist Is Doing When You Are Not Around


1. Indulge In The Addictions.

The first reason they may want to be alone would be because they need their space to pursue their addictions. Their addictions can range from mild to dangerous. For example, it could be an addiction to games or addiction to drugs and anything else in between such as gambling, porn, or sex. Their addictions offer a well-needed distraction from the stresses of life, and more importantly themselves.

2. To Seek or Pursue a New Interest.

 The second reason why a Narcissist would want their space is to seek out or pursue a new interest. Yes, the Narcissist likes to dedicate a lot of their time and energy to finding and impressing new sources of supply. So, when they are bored with their current supplies, you can be sure they are looking for new ones.

 Their alone time can be an opportunity for them to cheat on their partners. Narcissists love having multiple supplies on hand and end up juggling a few partners at once. And if you are infringing on time that they would prefer to spend with someone else, then expect them to come up with an excuse to put you on the shelf for a while.

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