10 Reasons Narcissists Hate You


Number 10: You are more successful.

 You just got a big promotion or your company is doing well and you realized that your narcissistic partner didn’t congratulate you. This is a sign that they didn’t like your success. Narcissists are people who notice every small change around them, so if they find you become more successful, they will be threatened by this success.

For example, if your partner is a narcissist, there are more chances of your relationship getting affected because they will assume that you are making more money and getting the limelight. They will always try to make you inferior to them because of some insecurities regarding your success. Your partner will start making pointless arguments and you may feel that they don’t like you anymore. Well, it’s not because of you, but your success that is making your partner anxious. They will never congratulate or support you. In fact, your partner will always try to criticize you for being in a higher position.

Number 9. You ignore them.

If you ignore a narcissist, they will not only hate you but can also harm you and your reputation. Ignoring a person you don’t like is your choice, but narcissists can’t bear this. They have such an exceptional desire for attention and love that if you ignore them intentionally or unintentionally, they will start hating you. Not only this, but they will try harder to get your attention.

 According to experts, ignoring narcissists can enrage them and they will try to pursue you harder, especially in ways that can be toxic and abusive. For example, if a narcissist is trying to date you but you are constantly ignoring them, they will chase you by all means because narcissists can’t bear to lose. And once they get what they desire, your relationship may end, because research says that narcissists tend to lack empathy.

 Sometimes narcissists ignore you back or insult you to regain your attention. If that doesn’t work, they will either threaten you or turn to crying to satisfy their desire of getting your attention. But in both cases, they are struggling to feed their fragile egos.

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