10 Tactics to Put a Narcissist in Their Place


1. Call them by their name.

 There is something very personal about calling someone by their name. For a narcissist, it can be chilling. It’s an indication to them that you are not afraid of them. You can look them in the eye and call them by their name when you speak to them.

 Narcissists tend to see people as things rather than individuals. So when you call them by their names, you are showing them that you are different from that. You have more emotional intelligence than they do. Repeat their name often throughout a conversation. It will throw them off.

 2. Remind them to stick to the subject.

 Don’t let the narcissist change the subject in the middle of the conversation. That’s a common tactic for narcissists. Their goal is to hurt you so that you can’t argue anymore. They’re hoping that the argument will be so miserable that you will never try to confront them again. Don’t let them get away with that. Keep bringing it back to the matter at hand.

 That will stop them in their tracks. Don’t be like them and engage in a fight with them. If they attack you, don’t attack them back. The narcissist will try to push your buttons so that you will lose control. Then they make it seem like you are the villain. Keep your cool. Don’t let their intensity affect you.

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