10 Things Narcissistic Parents Do To Their Children


Number three: Disciplined via fear, shame, and guilt.

 Narcissistic parents have significantly awful ways of disciplining their children because they usually apply it with resentment, disrespect, and bitterness. When their children make mistakes, narcissistic parents verbally and emotionally abuse them, which generates feelings of fear, shame, and guilt.

 These things put an end to a child’s developing confidence. The humiliation and blaming experienced while growing up make the children shell off themselves from their peers and other family members.

Number four: Narcissistic parents want you to present them as good parents.

 Because they don’t want to be criticized and like to be embodied as righteous human beings, narcissistic parents expect their children to characterize them as decent and ethical parents in public, and so they show off a different personality outside, which they become thoughtful and loving towards their children and the other people around them.

 A child’s mind will think that pretending might be a normal thing to do. More specifically, the child will likely acquire the same behavior as his parents.

Number five: Becoming narcissistic.

 As a young child, you adapt your parent’s behaviour. You internalize so much of their qualities and behaviors. and what you observe in them is what you assume is proper and typical for any human being to do. And so, if narcissism is practiced precisely at home, you are more likely to grow as a narcissist as well.

 In addition to that, becoming narcissistic like your parents goes by the saying: “If you can’t beat them, join them.” As a result of toxic narcissistic parents, anxious children will religiously believe and think that if they are on top and make sure that they are so good at everything they do, nobody can make them feel unwanted and unfortunate again.

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