10 Things Narcissistic Parents Do To Their Children


Number one: Narcissistic parents tell, but they don’t listen.

  Narcissistic parents believe that they always hold the upper hand in every decision, so they do all the talking. Although children and parents can come to terms and agree to disagree, narcissistic parents often control their children and shut down what they have to say.

Narcissistic parents don’t listen to their children’s opinions and feelings because they don’t think these are valid. Narcissists do not attend to their children’s emotional needs and have zero empathy for them. The relative effect of this is that children may also be neglectful towards others.

Number two: Narcissists don’t acknowledge their children’s uniqueness.

 Narcissistic parents demand you to meet specific standards of how you are supposed to fit in their imagined perfect structure to the extent that it deprives you of being yourselves. Your uniqueness is your identity, and it is a crucial factor in one’s career and personality.

 If your parents support and acknowledge it, you could express yourself more freely. However, judgment is central and dominant in narcissistic parents, and as their child, you are the receiving party of that. You always fear showing who you are mainly because young children do not want to upset their parents.

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